CTDP F1 2006 for rFactor

© 2008-2010 CTDP – Version 1.2.1 – Date: June 2010


The last year of the champion.
His last chance for glory.
He didn’t succeed
Will you?

F1-season 2006 meets rFactor. Good things need time. We took this time to bring you the most complete season-package ever released. Again it’s time to put on your racing gloves, lucky sneakers and to get out there racing. But it’s not only about the driving skills you will need to succeed. Now, you will also need strategic and technical skills to win the race. Use clever updates for your car to improve your performance and finetune your setups. Be prepared for your race.

Use your chances, fight for the championship, it may be your last chance!


Title: CTDP F1 2006 for rFactor
Version: 1.2.1
Author: CTDP – Cars & Tracks Development Project
Base: Everything done from scratch
Build Time: Starting May 2006,
Release for rFactor December 2008

Known Bugs:


It’s not allowed to copy anything from this package without explicit permission from CTDP.

You use this MOD at your own risk! We’re not responsible in case of problems and/or damages.

You do not have permission to put this package on any cover-cds without our explicit permission.

This modification may not be distributed for any commercial purposes.

If you are a webmaster, feel free to mirror this mod. Please tell us if you want to be noted as mirror on our website. We just want to keep overview.


  1. To install CTDP F1-2006, run the installation and install it into your rFactor-directory.
  2. Select CTDP F1-2006 in your Mod-Menu in rFactor. Done, ready to go, simple as pie.
  3. This mod is built for rFactor version 1.255F. Problems may occur with older versions of rFactor.
  4. The driver’s manual with explanations concerning setup and settings is in rfactor\ModData\CTDP\CTDP\CTDP06\help\

Some advice for drivers with digital controllers (keyboard, joystick or gamepad)

  • Choose a high Traction-Control upgrade
  • ABS on low or high
  • Steering help to low or high


Use the uninstaller to remove CTDP F1 2006 from your rFactor.

Release History

Version 1.2.1


  • Fixed bug, which prohibited Toyota from leaving the Bahrain pitboxes.

Mod Deriver

  • Fixed ENGINE upgrades to be taken from the engine-owner vehicle.
  • DRIVELINE upgrades are now copied from the engine-owner vehicle as well.
  • Added support for special values for LifetimeRPMBase and -Half to make them relative to max engine rpm.

Version 1.2


  • Traction control, the slip curves have been revised to eliminate wearing and heating of tires that are stationary. This change also makes tire wear and heat more consistent between drivers and driving styles. The difference was hugely excessive previously. This has unfortunately meant that the traction control has had to be slightly compromised. You may feel the need to go to a slightly weaker TC setting, as the slip angle at which TC activates has reduced.
  • This has meant heating and wear rates of tires will have changed.
  • Tire temperature now influenced more by track temperature than previously.
  • Minor tire performance evolution over the course of the season.
  • Ideal pressures have been altered slightly.
  • Ideal camber angles should be slightly lower on average.
  • Grip with wear has been revised to provide slightly lower first lap performance to the tires. The tire is fairly similar after 2 flying laps to the previous performance.
  • Longitudinal peak slip has slightly less variance.


  • Slightly less rotational inertia
  • Harder to stall (using max idle throttle)
  • (Slightly) improved launch control.
  • Fuel economy now has a great variance between teams. With Cosworth and Ferrari using the most and Renault the lowest specific fuel consumption.
  • Engine wear rates and lifetimes have been revised


  • Toyota is slightly faster overall.
  • Toro Rosso has been slowed to a more realistic performance.
  • Fixed Ride height of Super Aguri

Gears, brakes and others

  • Up- and down shift times and clutch-in times have been tweaked to make the car more stable on gear changes.
  • The brake fade temperatures have been tweaked in accordance to new data.
  • Some default setups have been improved.
  • Various other minor tweaks.

League Physics

  • Removed league pack upgrade
  • Added a Mod-Deriver tool to create customized league editions (to be found under rFactor\ModData\CTDP\CTDP06\mod_deriver, read the readme from that folder for more info)


  • Fixed artefacts in T-Cam when riding Red Bull
  • Fixed Dell logo on Bahrain livery of BMW Sauber, which shouldn’t have been there
  • Fixed missing Panasonic logos on Toyota’s rear wing
  • Fixed too dark textures on Toro Rosso in DX7 mode
  • Fixed a bug on Trulli’s helmet


  • ControlCenter doesn’t require Administrator rights anymore. The only exception is if your rFactor installation in the “Program Files” folder.
  • Uninstaller won’t delete wrong files
  • Removed unnecessary config files from the Installer

Version 1.1


  • Tires, more compounds available for some tracks, some minor revisions to heating. Tires are very similar, but have slightly more differences per compound.
  • New slip curve resolution for all cars, the main purpose was to improve the traction control system. However, the new slip curves enhance the driving experience as well to some extent.
  • The new traction control works much more accurately, reducing its effect in high speed corners, and as a result new traction control settings in upgrades menu are available to match.
  • Some of the upgrades for some teams had small mistakes: e.g. Red Bull rearwing range
  • All engine RPM’s now match with what is said in the upgrades page.
  • Engine boost mapping has been reversed (Boost 1 is max RPM, Boost 6 is race RPM, Boost 9 conservation). This makes the garage display and the shift lights more accurate.
  • Minor improvement (in terms of realism) to engine life for some vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug to provide more power loss when slip-streaming another vehicle.
  • The HUD shift light now automatically changes per track, although it can still be overridden by choosing an upgrade.
  • Toyota, slightly tweaked suspension geometry.
  • Suspension geometries are changed to possibly work better with LeoFFB, while not being compromised in any way.
  • Not quite physics related, but new Leo FFB settings are included, which provide better force feedback.
  • Setup notes contain suggested RPM for all cars now, you should have default setup loaded for this to work.

League Physics

  • Engine is now Cosworth CA2006 Series 6 instead of the Series 2 engine, thus providing about 15bhp more.
  • Traction control overrides now work in the league physics.
  • HUD shift light changes now work with league physics.


  • Added: Missing DVD-Cover
  • Fixed: Williams: Crash in DirectX 8 caused by texture bugs
  • Fixed: Renault: Mild Seven logo of right winglet reversed
  • Fixed: Ferrari: Front wing logos and new Case logo on the nose, which was missing on the north-american liveries
  • Fixed: Ferrari: Japanese rearwing texture, wrong color of lower plane
  • Fixed: Super Aguri: Minor texture errors
  • Fixed: Midland/Spyker: no Neutral decals on the texture
  • Fixed: McLaren: Cockpit fin was missing


  • Added: Manual translations in Italian, German and French
  • Fixed: Crash after starting replay (bad MP3 encoding of music files)
  • Fixed: Crash of ControlCenter on startup
  • Fixed: Pit garage slots placement, the team order on some tracks was wrong
  • Fixed: Installer overwriting realfeelplugin.ini, if you already have a realfeel-configuration, this will be kept.
  • Updated: Extended credits list
  • Improved: Soundpack by Michael Ode (new samples, high-samples improved, opponents quieter incar, external sounds slightly less agressive)


3D Artists

Alexander Borro, Andreas Neidhardt, Craig Longhurst, Daniel Segginger, David Bennewitz, Eugénio Faria, Kevin Wong, Marco Büttner, Marko Stanic, Matthew Scerri, Omar Shaikly, Wai Keen Lam

2D Artists

Daniel Senff, Florian Gramsch, Georg Ortner, Jiang Zheng, Julia (Valerossi), Kyran Brazier, Paulo Fernandes, Raül M. Gullón, Roberto Yermo, Shaun Stroud, Steffen Krägelin


Alvaro Jiménez, Michael Borda, Sascha Grindau


Daniel Fredrich, Marvin Fröhlich


Michael Ode


Lars J. Brouwer,

“The Beginning of the End”, performed by Nine Inch Nails, remixed by Stefan Tapper – remix.nin.com

Video compositing

Stefan Tapper, Stabitz


Dennis Fischbach


Stefan Triefellner for help with Safety Car gauges, TechAde for ReelFeel FFB Plugin, Leo Bodnar for LeoFFB Plugin, Bo Johansson for updated Data Acquisition plugin, Motec Telemetry by DanZ, F1Alive for the grooved skidmark texture, Ace8 for the Skidwall texture, prunn for his tv styles, Luca de Leo for FSOne sounds


Game_Fr alias F1.JeanPhi,Totorman, AngeEve, Maug, Will, Yoss, Dedios, Uff

Special Thanks

Image Space Incorporated, Joe Campana, Gjon Camaj, Paolo Capriosa, Bernard (GeZeRe), Ingy, Silent Bob, SimracingLeague.de, Peter Engels, and testers, Readers of our Development Blog, and everyone else who was involved or contributed to this project.


Andy Hone, Steffen Max


From CTDP: Steffen Max, Timo Vollmering, Marco Festini, Ryan Gilmore, Ilkka Haapala, Eric Eifler, Thorsten Feyerabend, Andreas Tücks

From WirPreRacing: Günter Wirges, Ralf Pressler, Julien Dauber, Sebastian Meissner, Andreas Höppner

From VirtualRacing: Daniele Bonaventura, Adriano Fugmann, Martin Kolibal, Andreas Behr, Mansuet Grasser, Stefan Berger, Martin Krampe, Thorsten Jaag, Jens Jung, Patrick Ziller, Michael Morgenthal, Frank Schichterich, Thomas Buchmann, Peter Mannweiler, Benny Loempke, Hans Bodo Kohl, Thomas Nolden, Pascal Scheiwiller, Carsten Krägel, Bernd Heidbüchel

From FSR: Bruno Marques, Dave Carr-Smith, Ricard Forcada, Luca Bisello, Uriah Hill, Daniel Meier, Michael Lam

About CTDP


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