CTDP Templates for F1 2006

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These are the templates of the 2006 cars available in the CTDP F1 2006 mod for rFactor. They are meant for easily painting your own designs on the cars. They contain seperate layers for details, shades, design and other stuff. All of them include the wireframe for exact positioning and some also include labels to recognize all parts easily. All cars should be mapped with the same relative scale.

This templates are there to give you help painting and can be used as introduction into carpainting. But still they don't cover all work and are only meant to help. So it's your task to use them efficiently.

I hope to see many great results, so have fun painting!


Title: CTDP Templates for F1 2006
Author:CTDP - Cars & Tracks Development Project
Other Works:
  • F1 2006 for rFactor
  • F1 2005 for rFactor
  • F1 2005 for F1C
  • F1 2004 for F1C
  • F1 2003 for F1C
  • F1 1998 for F1C
  • F1 1995 for F12K2
  • F1 1995 for GP4
  • Other Stuff
Base: All from Scratch done by CTDP
Known Bugs:
  • Important shortcomings are noted in the txt included in the template's folder.
Build Time: 2 weeks in december 2008

Release History

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.0


It's not allowed to copy anything from this package without an explicit permission from CTDP.

You use this MOD on your own risk! We're not responsible in case of problems.

You do not have permission to put this package on any cover-cds without our explicit permission!

This modification may not be distributed for any commercial purposes!

You may freely use this template to paint own cars. They may only be used in the CTDP F1 2006 mod. The textures may be distributed freely without explicit permission from CTDP.

Webmasters can upload this template, but to keep the overview we want to get informed about mirrors.


Tutorials related to CTDP modding. Most are related to the public templates released for CTDP F1 2006 and CTDP F1 2005.

How to get the skin ingame in …

For the 2005 mods on most templates you’ll have to safe texture_1 for the right side of the car and texture_2 for the left side. The left side is just the right side with flipped logos.

Note, in F1-2006 this is switched, the base texture is left and Lside is right. We were sloppy in this regard. :/

How to handle CTDP’s texture templates …



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